Hi all,website-screenshot-300x300 Collective Agency events in August, and new website

There’s a new Collective Agency website layout with lots more photos and a newer design, at
  I’m especially happy with the homepage and photos pages. The calendar for these upcoming events, as always, is at: https://collectiveagency.co/events/

Writing a review in your own words about Collective Agency on Yelp, Google, Twitter, Facebook, your own website or blog, is all super-helpful, referrals (online and in person) are the main way that we grow. I’m happy that we have the highest-rated reviews of any coworking place in Portland. Social media links are in the top-right of the new website.

Upcoming events:

Tomorrow (Wednesday August 5) is the optional member meeting from 2-2:30pm (sit on the sofas, talk about what we like here and what can be even better, and plan upcoming events such as happy hours, breakfasts, works-in-progress sharing, etc). Is there another event you’d like to have here? Something you’re really appreciating about how things are here? Some way to make here even more amazing? Let’s make it happen.

5:15pm-7pm tomorrow is the Portland Coworking Week happy hour, it’s here in the big loft room. As always, members get unlimited conference room access here during after-hours events. There will be drinks and food provided by a sponsor. Info on Portland Coworking Week is at: http://coworkpdx2015.splashthat.com/

August 11th, every other Tuesday, from 2-2:40pm, is Works-In-Progress sharing by members. It’ll be in the SW Conference Room (the first conference room on your left when you enter). 3 presenters, 5-7 minutes each, then 3 minutes for people to say what you appreciate about it and then ask questions (the presenter cannot respond! but conversations are great afterwards). Talk with me, Heather, or Kenneth if you’d like to share something you’re working on or really into.

At 5pm Thursday August 13th we’ll walk from Collective Agency to Mother’s downtown, for a member’s happy hour at 212 SW Stark Street in downtown Portland. http://www.mothersbistro.com/happy-hour/  Bring family, co-workers, friends. This event is organized by Kenneth and Dan.

August 25th, Tuesday, 2-2:40pm, is Works-In-Progress sharing by members, in the SW Conference Room. 


Written by Alex Linsker