Hi all, Collective Agency has been open four years and I’m excited for and curious about the next many years here.

It’s been years since we achieved the community mission statement. It’s been almost a year since more community interactions were desired by many members, and we made that happen (and I’m happy we keep making it happen). And I’m wondering what additional vision to aspire to as a group, that members want and would make us go ‘wow’, while keeping the other goals, and growing the community here — and growing our ability to make things happen that we care about, by being here together. If you’re interested in talking about this one-on-one or in a group, let me know, to relate our ideas and experiences and feelings and build a vision together.

I’m very appreciative for suggestions — there’s a new painting on the wall, there’s more standing desks, there’s many events below, etc., all because of suggestions and what members here ask for.

This email has the upcoming events.


Optional Member Meeting. 

Wednesday July 1st 2pm-2:30pm.

On the first Wednesday of every month for half an hour, we talk about what we like here and what we’d like to be even better. The agenda: 1) go around, say your name and something you’re passionate about in 30 seconds or less. (5 minutes) 2) What are some things you’d like to do or see at Collective Agency? What’s something you’re passionate about that you’d like to share with other members? Then we’ll get to the planned events below. (25 minutes)

Optional member meetings have led to planning and having many happy hours and various events and improvements here.


July 3rd is the Fourth of July federal bank holiday.

This Friday we won’t be staffed but as always members have 24/7 access.


World Domination Summit event rental.

The evening of Monday July 6th 5-10pm is an event rental in the big loft room. Members have unlimited access to conference rooms during that time.


East Coast Lunch/Portland Breakfast. 

Tuesday July 7th 9am-9:45am, meet at Theo’s on NW Fifth between Davis and Couch. Vegan and gluten-free options. This is our second breakfast and I’m excited for it. Theo’s can substitute vegetables for eggs upon request, has gluten-free bread, etc. If you’re on an east coast, middle coast, or west coast timeline, this is a lunch, brunch, and/or breakfast for you. Bring friends and family if you’d like.


Member Works-in-Progress Sharing.

Tuesday July 14th & July 28th 2pm-2:40pm in the NW Conference Room. Let’s try this every other Tuesday. Share what you’re working on (and/or caring about) this week, and get input on the current version or a new part of something you’re passionate about. Share the same thing you shared last time, but updated. Or share something new that you’re thinking about and caring about and want input on. Or just come and hear what other members are working on and share how you relate to it.


Collective Agency 4-Year Anniversary: Open House and Lunch.

Tuesday July 21st 9am-5pm open house, open to the public (non-members can be here) for the day. 12pm lunch on the sofas here. Collective Agency has been open for four years! I tend to generally work and not celebrate as much as I might, but this’ll be a mini-celebration. We’ll plan details to make the day even better at the member meeting tomorrow.


Alex Linsker | Business Owner
Collective Agency
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Written by Alex Linsker