leslie-bourke Member Interview with Leslie BourkeLeslie Bourke, Independent Web Designer, Bourke Design.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

Typically I attend a group fitness class called BodyAttack three times a week. It’s a high-impact, interval-based workout that is challenging and motivating.

What are you working on when you’re here?

Often WordPress-based website design & development, marketing, and admin for my small business, Bourke Design. I’m also learning how to create print-on-demand books and ebooks.

What have you learned in the past week and what would you like to learn in the next week?

How to quickly make a website responsive. Next week — how to seamlessly intergrate a WooCommerce store into an existing WordPress site.

What’s a memorable or valuable experience you’ve had at Collective Agency, and why?

Hard to pick just one! I’ve enjoyed the after-hours happy hours and holiday parties.

Why do you work at Collective Agency?

It’s easy to focus here, and it’s inspiring to work among self-driven people.

What’s something you love about the neighborhood?

Delicious, affordable meals at the carts.

What question would you like me to ask you, and what’s your answer?

If you could have one super power, what would it be? I’d love to pause time — mostly I’d catch up on sleep, work, and then press play again for social activities.

Written by Alex Linsker