Here are photos for your enjoyment from January and early February. These photos show various lunch, Lightning Talks, and other member activities here when members aren’t working. My biggest joy here is members organizing and making things happen that they care about:

  • Lunch at 12pm is the most social time of day: some members walk to the food carts and bring back food. Most members eat and talk on the sofas.
  • Lightning Talks are Wednesdays 2pm to 2:30pm; members share what they’re passionate about and committed to; something inspiring, 2 to 8 minutes per person.
  • And recently monthly activities organized by members have started (for members, family and friends):  a holiday party in December, ice skating in January, roller skating this coming Sunday in February. hiking in March….





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2013-12-23 12.30.14-1088px

2013-12-23 12.34.04yes-1088px




I really like this photo. People have lots of options here — where they sit or stand, when they work, and how and why.

Written by Alex Linsker