Tomorrow Don, Josh, and Jeffrey (we have some people with the same first name) will be leading the third Bike2Lunch. 12pm Thursdays, this time to SuperPod! Produce Row. Our Bike2Lunches are up to a 10 minute bike ride each way. Some of us had gone to SuperPod at the end of the first Pedalpalooza ride this year.

Today 22 of us went to lunch together at the food carts, then ate outside, the biggest Collective Agency lunch ever. On the way to lunch, some of the folks from a 2-week offsite training here asked if they could be honorary members.

And today Wednesday 2-230pm is Lightning Talks. Mike P talked about an app idea for haircuts, Lauren talked about her work organizing Repair Cafe PDX, and Don led pushups.

Lunch and Lightning Talks today:

Written by Alex Linsker