Lightning Talks are every Wednesday 2pm-2:30pm. Lightning Talks are mini-TED Talks. Each time, 3 members share something they’re learning and really into, something that they personally care about:

Most of us go to lunch here at 12pm each day. Usually we walk across Burnside to the food carts and eat outside. Some members have been talking about doing a bicycling lunch, and this week we had two bicycling lunches. It was Burger Week in Portland. We went over the river to at Widmer Brewing on Tuesday, and Dick’s Kitchen on Thursday, making a mini-field trip out of it along the way. The bicycling was about 10 minutes each way. Thursdays 12pm will be Bike2Lunch Day:

Some work being done at Collective Agency:

The Copywriter Conclave of Portland had an event here:

Written by Alex Linsker