Thanks to tens of members for your suggestions these past few weeks, for some hands-on work, and especially for leading and growing activities. Lauren and other members went jogging on the esplanade last Friday, then bicycling-jogging yesterday, and I’m excited to see how that grows.
I didn’t think of anything to ask about this week for advice and Don asked about the IKEA standing desks rumor, so the civics agenda for this Tuesday 3:30pm:  Don and Resh and I will build two big tall tables to be standing desks from IKEA. You can help build if you’d like, and/or could help make the “storage room” a more beautiful room for phone calls (tape carpet tiles, etc, during this coming civics). But there’s no need; things are good and growing.
Gentle reminders:
  • The middle hallway room: There are additional new lockers in the middle hallway room which has thin walls, so it’s for working quietly only, because talking loud in that room makes it hard to rent for meetings. Locker access by members gets priority in that room and the storage room: members can come in and use the lockers even if there’s a phone call in those rooms.
  • I will be reminding members if it seems like community guidelines/basic consideration of members isn’t happening; that is one of the roles of staff. These are the core of our terms of service and community, I remind myself of them often:
  • If you’d like to share something you’re passionate about and really into, whether work or a hobby, please consider doing a Lightning Talk on Wednesdays 2-2:30pm for 2-8 minutes, especially if you’d like to learn something by sharing. And likely you already know that many members have told me they love this is a place for focused productive work by friendly members, and they love to hear about work and hobbies we are each really into, often when obviously not working.
If you think of questions/concerns/suggestions/proposals you’d like to ask about at civics, send me an email or talk to me and I’ll put it on the agenda. I’ve been slow to get civics notes from the past two meetings out, and will do that this coming week. 7 members for the past 2 weeks have gathered to talk about the role of Council.
The priorities I was tasked with are operations, governance, and outreach/sales. It’s all going well. Outreach/sales has been happening by members, thank you. Please refer members at our regular rate: $250/month.

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Written by Alex Linsker