Resh, our assistant community organizer, signed up 5 new members out of 6 people who’ve tried us out in the past week.

Welcome to new members Chris, Chris, Madhu, Joshua, and Portia.

Good news: 1/3rd of all members are on scholarships, so there’s a waitlist. Please refer people at the regular rate ($250/month).

* * *

Civics from last Tuesday has already led to:

  • a return of the old assertive signage here (how to use the printer, etc),
  • happy hour each week after civics (at 4:30pm, we had 10 members talk, eat, drink in the kitchen. Tuesdays has the most people here),
  • starting to write up an office manual,
  • discussion of monthly events,
  • and much more. Thanks to many members for suggestions and supportive words and actions, and to Resh for assisting and staffing. Resh and I are reachable at

* * *

This coming Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm, Civics will focus on talking about the role of the Council. A summary: 

“At Collective Agency, there is a two-house democratic system which embodies checks and balances. Members clarify their diverse needs and desires during weekly Civics meetings. Civics is the core. Members say what they want. If 2/3rds of members, and 2/3rds of the elected Council, vote yes, then the Council makes sure it happens.” 

Obviously within our Community Guidelines members do so many things old and new, on their own and in self-organized groups, and I love that.

Moving forward, I think it’s good to:

  • have yearly elections for Council members (which we’ve had),
  • pay Council members for 4 hours a week of work (1 hour of meeting, 3 hours of outreach to members here, and hands-on work, whether going to events to promote us, or writing signage here, or doing other work), for a very visible and known bunch of people who represent all of our interests all the time, as best they can.
  • each Council member would designate their role/responsibilities, and keep the community organizer (me) challenged and supported.

We’ll start to talk about the role of Council, what each of us would like. In the few weeks after, ideas from this Council meeting will develop into proposals which we can vote on. Our member constitution also can get clarified:  Many of the process write-ups might be copied from here (which was modeled on our constitution, with clarified wording):


Alex Linsker
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Tax and Conversation’s Statewide Community Organizer
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Written by Alex Linsker