As per member requests, Collective Agency Happy Hour starts again this Friday 4pm, every week, up front by the windows. Bring friends/family/visitors on your 3 monthly visitor passes, or unlimited number of people on your half hour quick visits, or come as you are and make it what you’d like it to be.
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This coming Tuesday’s civics will keep talking about what we want here, which directly translates to communicating that to future members, and to sales. The agenda is the usual structure (see the last notes for the structure), 3:30-4:30pm Tuesday April 2nd.
1. The first item of business will be reviewing updates from what happened in the past week (see below).
2. The next item will be talking about what we like and what can be even better here for your member experience, including signage, more art on the walls, activities/events, calendar and blog access, and who knows what else (maybe you do).
Update from last time:
1. Signage (member names and photos on the hallway wall, to start) is coming back, see the photo in the notes:
2. Our first new art on the walls is by Molly and Mathew, the two posters in the restrooms.
3. At the last civics, members expressed desire for more regular events, the same time and structure every week, so members can choose when they want to go and know it will happen.
  • We made up something called Challenge Happy Hour, where members talk about things we’re challenged by for half an hour in our work (brief go-around and say something we’re challenged by and would like to talk about, then pretty unstructured conversations one-on-one or in small groups. Figuring out a time for it is key… Wednesday 2:30pm after Lightning Talks will be an experiment time. If you prefer weekday mornings or another day, please email me or comment on this post in our blog.
  • We chose to revive the Friday 4pm Happy Hour, which will be up front by the windows. In the past it was relaxing happy talking and some games. I’ll get some beer, wine, and juice, and bringing food and beverages potluck style is appreciated, although not necessary.
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Written by Alex Linsker