Civics agenda (Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm)Resh-puts-up-photo-small

I’ll chair the civics meeting if non-staff members who come help facilitate, photograph, and write notes as needed. Thanks to Ben for photos, Gene and Andrejka for ideas and starting some outreach, Molly for helping facilitate, Tom, Carol, Kate, Ben, Molly for financial questions and requests moving forward, other members for emailing a photo and bio of yourselves for our hallway wall, Fitz for organizing a ski trip, and many more.
This Tuesday will be a work session on outreach. We’ll each write or type our thoughts and responses to some questions about what/who/why we want Collective Agency to grow into (and out to) moving forward.
1. Introductions, appreciation, updates (3:30-3:40).
2. New business (3:40-4:20pm):
a. 15 minutes. Work session: What/who/why we want Collective Agency to grow into (and out to) moving forward. See attached document. We’ll write or type for 15 minutes.
b. 10 minutes. Work session: Write short bios/email photos/print to get our photos on the hallway wall, or learn how to write a blog post for our website (members will have access to actively write and post photos on the website again).
c. 15 minutes. Talk about work session (share what we wrote). Ask clarifying questions about any ideas or desires for action. Start to write up potential future civics agenda items and/or work to do.
3. Review: How are we feeling, Action Items, What Did We Like and What Can Be Even Better Next Time? (4:20-4:30pm)
  • Alex will be out of town the week of April 9th. Resh and Fitz will do staffing. Would any member like (and expect they’ll do a good job) of leading a civics meeting that week? What topic are you interested in?


Written by Resh Inanna