Hi Collective Agency members,
To get regular updates moving forward, sign up for the Collective Agency Google Group. Agendas will be sent out on Fridays to members signed up on the Google Group (sign up here): >http://bit.ly/WEtMtm
To get a photo of you with your first name (and last initial or name if you like) on the wall in our hallway, please email me a photo of you (or you can bring one in and put it up).
The voting results for the main responsibility & leadership of Collective Agency to transfer from Fitz back to me, are 17 votes yes, 0 votes no. The transition starts today.
At least 25 of our 70 members actively participated in conversations about this choice. That is a very high level of engagement for a cooperatively governed business, and we can get even better.
Moving forward, I will lead (and I hope members sometimes lead) civics meetings weekly Tuesdays 3:30pm (as specified in our member constitution) for accountability, initiative, and collaboration. (See photos from our last meeting here: http://collectiveagency.co/agendas_and_notes/proposal-discussion-transfer-from-fitz-back-to-alex/
Members have asked me to focus on leading sales outreach for moremembers first, then to work on the constitution and elections for a community manager.
My first work will be to bring back various kinds of community accountability:  to get our member photos and names back up on the hallway wall, to post monthly revenue and expenses (and upcoming civics notes) on the kitchen wall, to get all the posts and events back on our website, and to get a sheet for new and current members that describes how to sign up for our Google Group for email updates, how to write blog posts on the website, etc. I will get that done within the week. Please talk with me if you have questions, requests. Already some members have started bringing in some pictures and news stories they care about, and putting them on the kitchen walls. My main goal is for Collective Agency to be a place where we share things we care about and each make this place our own.
Comments from the voting:
3/15/2013 20:04:11 Jeffrey Trull   I can’t say I understand all the implications of this, but I’m down with it if it’s the recommended plan from leadership. Respek.
3/15/2013 21:02:08 Andrejka   I think it is exciting, visionary and courageous to evolve the structure of CoAg to coincide with the culture of co-working in PDX.
3/17/2013 21:42:53 Alex Linsker   I’ll work to simplify, streamline, and connect our democratic practice with other co-ops and democratic groups in Portland.
3/19/2013 17:59:41 Emanuel C   Many thanks to Fitz and Alex for working hard to get this plan together.
And civics notes posted by Fitz:
Written by Alex Linsker