civics Tues March 19 2013
1. Introductions, appreciation, updates (3:30-3:40). 
2. New business (3:40-4:20pm):
a. Member vote on commuity organizer. We’ll review the member vote proposal: As per member requests from last time, Fitz will clarify how he wants to be involved moving forward.
  • Members can ask clarifying questions, say any concerns/appreciation/suggestions, and then we’ll vote in person (or you can vote online here:
  • For a member vote, votes are one-vote-per-person, and will be tallied up, and a yes vote of more than 2/3rds (of all people voting yes or no) are needed for it to pass.
  • Notes from last week’s civics: ) Thanks to Lindy and Fitz for the notes.
b. Exciting Experiences at Collective Agency and what can be made even better? 
Let’s have some time to write up:
  • exciting experiences at Collective Agency and what we’d like even more of in the future?
  • any frustrating/angry experiences we’ve had, and what the opposite we’d like is.
  • what suggestions/questions do you often have about us, or what are questions you often get asked?
This feedback from members will be key to sales (making and communicating an even better experience here). You can answer questions online:
3. Review: Action Items, What Did We Like and What Can Be Even Better Next Time? (4:20-4:30pm)
Written by Resh Inanna