Suggested civics agenda (Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm)
I’m volunteering to chair the civics meeting if members who come help facilitate and write notes as needed. The goal is for topics discussed to lead to action items and perhaps a vote by members (but nothing officially voted on this coming Tuesday).
1. Introductions, appreciation, updates (3:30-3:40).
2. New business (3:40-4:20pm):
1. Sales and compensation.
  • Given what members know about expected revenue in the upcoming months, are we concerned, and/or do we want someone to do something about it?
2. Constitution.

3. Elections. Last year this time, Molly and Jeffrey Sens and Tom worked on our elections for Main Community Organizer (the position I started and term-limited myself to for a year in our Constitution, and Fitz is in).

  • What do we want the Main Community Organizer’s roles and responsibilities to be?
  • What do we want the Council’s roles and responsibilities to be?
  • Do we want the Main Community Organizer and/or Council to be term limited?
Most of our time will be about elections. History here on elections:
3. Review: Action Items, What Did We Like and What Can Be Even Better Next Time? (4:20-4:30pm)
Written by Resh Inanna