collectiveAgencyLogo Collective Agency's New Website CA2.0 Launchs!

We’ve been hard at work for the past two months creating the next version of Collective Agency’s web presence and we are very happy to share with you what we have made together.  From the very beginning CoAg’s website has been an organic and ever growing space, but after the first year of adding tons of content, identifying more functionalities the coworking space needed, listening to feedback from both members and vistors it was time to take things to the next level – Collective Agency 2.0!

Collective Agency’s new website (CA 2.0) brings many new things together including –

  • Show & Tell – Collective Agency’s new community coworking blog where our members can show you what is happening and tell you about what they are working on here.
  • A new identity that shows who Collective Agency is courtesy from Alicia of Alicia Nagel Creative.
  • Digital strategy, search engine optimization and WordPress consulting from Todd of Zero Strategist.
  • Programming, UI/UX, WordPress development from Fitz of Fitz Ryland Design.
  • Clean completely revamped information infrastructure and taxonomy to improve user experience.
  • A new powerful, fast and secure web host (WP Engine).

We will be adding many new features, pages, more content, blog posts and more functionality to different parts of the site over the next few months.  Thank you to all of the members of Collective Agency who provided feedback, time, input, content and expertise to the overall initiatives.

If you have any feedback or input on our new site ,we would love to hear from you on our feedback page.


Written by Todd Pitt