3:35 Reports and Reminders

  • Weekly Updates

  • Gentle Reminders

3:45 New Business

  • Contributions to content of our New Web Page

  • Design of a Kick Ass Media Plan

4:25 Review

  • Next steps

  • Thoughts on meeting process and design



Attending: Fitz, David, Aimee, Carol, Don, Tom

Gentle Reminders

tidiness – we could all do a better job keeping things neat.

Weekly Updates

still working on website
no new signups, but that’s to be expected at the end of the month
idea: gift-certificates
knives – we could use some more

New Biz.

newsletter 3rd week of every month
looking for input on web design, content
1. testimonials – in time for December newsletter – so Nov. 30
2. docs on how to do things
3. Links / Resources in da hood
Fitz will put requests for content on white board

Media Team + Coordinator
content ideas – e.g. lightning talks
vehicle – e.g. Twitter, Ustream
will need mic.
reminders in office to tweet

Holiday Party?
early-mid December
mix with website launch?

Written by Resh Inanna