Preamble: Why Scholarship Memberships Are Important

Scholarship memberships ensure that there is a variety of incomes amongst members here. It is helpful for everyone to be around those making different amounts of money each year. It is helpful for those making very little money to be around those making very good money to realize that they are worthy of making what they would like to make. It is inspirational for those making a good bit of money each year to realize that sometimes there is more to work for than money.


Cap scholarship membership to 33% of the total membership. Scholarship memberships will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Once all spots are filled we will start a waiting list for the next scholarship spot to come available. If we fill all scholarship spots and then loose members at the regular membership level so that the group consists of more than 33% scholarship members we will not ask any scholarship members to leave. We will wait for attrition to rebalance membership before taking on more scholarship members.

Current Numbers as of 12/7/2012

  1. 15 out of 58 [26%] of our members are scholarship members.
  2. 8 more scholarship memberships would be available with our current member distribution if this proposal passes.


  1. Public Perception – It is important that we maintain an image as a supportive workplace where anyone is worthy of working here. We cannot be known as just a place where you can get cheap rent. Being the cheap place to have office space would devalue the space for non-scholarship members and attract scholarship members that do not value the community.
  2. Business Viability – We make very little money on scholarship members. If our membership consists disproportionately of scholarship members we will not make enough revenue.

Other Relevant Facts

  1. Membership is $250/month for a flexible desk membership
  2. Membership is $380/month for a reserved desk membership
  3. Those making less than $35,000/year can pay $160/month for a scholarship membership
  4. Those making less than $20,000/year can pay $50/month for a scholarship membership
Written by Fitz Ryland