3:30 Welcome

  • Check-in

  • Civics Meetings – Purpose and Intention

  • Roles? Timekeeper, Note Taker, Facilitator

3:35 Reports and Reminders

  • Weekly Updates

  • Gentle Reminders

3:45 New Business

  • Our optimal members

  • Website Redesign Feedback

  • How do members use space?

  • Advertising ideas for the next open house

4:25 Review

  • Next steps




  • in attendance: Tom, Don, Todd, Molly, Fitz, Aimee, and Steve a little later
  • making a website. Todd & Fitz are making it awesome to put more info and more functionality.
  • how tos will be put on the website. Better for taking websites.
  • Fitz is going to make a sign for the fridge: saying that all Fridge food is open game for anyone to eat.

New Business

Logo: how should we vote on the logo?

  • Molly says: online and ask all members whether it’s acceptable or not and ask for some qualitative feedback.
  • Carol: suggested asking yes or no on the 2 logos. Don’t allow them to vote for neither.
  • Todd: it should be clear that these 2 logos have come from a process that’s been going on for a while.
  • Molly: we want qualitative feedback to make sure we’re not pushing any bad buttons.
  • plus include that only minor changes can be done.
  • if there’s no consensus , then what?
  • Carol: Play it by ear.

Advertising Open house ideas:

  • Caligator
  • facebook event: Fitz will invite us.
  • co ag newsletter: will go out the Monday before last Wednesday.
  • CNRG-Amy will put it up.
  • A-board show the Open House
  • asking members to accept the fb invite
  • Todd: what about a Media Team stream for Collective Agency. Keep it simple to subscribe and unsubscribe. Email List. might be most effective.
  • Leverage what already exists.

4:09pm Feedback on getting Feedback:

  • 5 total, 3 forms filled out.
  • 40% of the time people give Fitz feedback if he asks.
  • Maybe Social(in person) feedback is better than an email feedback.
  • Todd’s & Don Parks idea: Twitter account like CoAg Cares: send a thankyou tweet or email to the group and a 5% discount if they fill out this form.
  • Steve: a physical form might be really useful.
  • Molly:  joke idea: what about a form in the Bathroom?
  • hahahaha would
  • Fitz: at the end of the form add would you like to join newsletter?
  • This idea added later, but totally worth the addition: Molly jean wild idea corner: idea for how to get women to join: Give a small lump of money to pay someone super connected to curate, install and oversee promotion of an art show in the space/ the opening of which doubles as a HOLIDAY PARTAY!


Written by Resh Inanna