My Thoughts On Our Rates


  1. Change Flexible membership rate from $320 to $250
  2. Change Permanent desk membership rate from $495 to $380


  • Lower the single largest barrier of entry to becoming a member of our community.
  • Encourage current members to refer new members.
  • Set our prices closer to market rate of services that are seen as similar. (We provide office space, but we are fundamentally different from private offices or executive suites.)

How We Will Make up the Difference

I am asking members currently paying the grandfathered rate of $160 to volunteer to pay the new rate of $250. A few members have said that they would likely do this.

We will need:

  1. 11 (10.5 more accurately) members currently paying $160 to volunteer to pay $250
  2. 4 new members sign up
  3. A combination of the two

Rates of Sort of Similar Services

This chart is only a comparison of only our rates NOT amenities and services. Most importantly, none of these places have the community that we do. It is sort of misleading to really compare all of these directly.
oimg?key=0AvaeQfOf5gxydDA0S25kU0VMalh1SGpmV21YV3k4TWc&oid=2&zx=qu2b6kvkym3h Rate Change Proposal
Interactive Chart

Written by Fitz Ryland