1. Welcome. Roles, and who’s here: Tom B (timekeeper), Dave C, Alex L (agenda chair), Aimee K (visiting), Fitz R (notes), Molly D. All: asked to be aware of facilitating relationships. Go around, what we’d each like to happen in the next hour, what we’re appreciative of in the past week:

  • Tom: productive meeting.
  • Dave: something good, nice weather.
  • Alex: move things along, Don and Fitz for leading lunch, Aimee for visiting.
  • Aimee: inspired by what’s going on here, going to lunch.
  • Fitz: creating democracy and being here which wouldn’t normally happen. Excited to share vision.
  • Molly: resolving any issues to make sure everyone’s needs are met, a quiet zone & space to get things done.

2. Notes received by everyone? Alex will check and email Molly an invite to the Google Group.

3. Reports/Standing Teams:


  • Four votes in
  • Members, please vote!

Alex: “Some members want to know how to play within the rules when voting. It is okay to vote for as many or as few people as you like. 4 people have voted already.”

Molly: “The preferential voting method shows genuine preferences, it’s hard to game.”


One new member signed up for June at regular rate. We have a lot more capacity for all levels of membership. Please refer regular members and scholarship candidates.

Gentle Reminders

The front door and elevator was left unlocked one night this week after a group but members locked up before leaving. Please be sure to lock up after you host an event.

4. Old Business/Proposal updates.

what can we do to make the civics meetings better?
Tom – I think they go pretty well – getting a common understanding is a part of the process: worthwhile.
Aimee – we spent some time last week clarifying policy – could go better
Tom – a general overview of finances would be good – rough overview

5. New Business/Proposals

A. “Discussion of civics meeting reminders and minutes.”

Tom: “Going really well. People approach this from a lot of different places, understanding of terminology and intent and focus is part of the process.”
Aimee: “Lack of clarity in terms of policy.”
Tom: “Was alluding to that. Some people are less or more familiar than others, bring their own background in, learning what’s been here.”
Alex: “I like when the first time I go to a new meeting, I listen and am quiet unless called on, to learn how things are done. Then next time I might contribute.”
Fitz:  ”Implemented agendas, calendar, the wiki.”
Fitz will create a wiki explaining how members can use the calendar to book meetings.
Molly: “I think things are going really smoothly.”
Tom: Disclosure of finances, verbal summary of finances, might affect bottom-line decisions. Good to have available for overview.
Alex: “Financial numbers in insta-charts and graphs are recently available, will make it even more available, and just ask if anything specific.”

B. “Abolish Monday Night Civics Meetings”
how many people go to those meetings? – about three people have ever shown up, once each, other than Coordinating Council members, only once couldn’t someone make the Tuesday meeting the next day.
Tom – maybe we should indefinitely suspend them
Fitz – mostly a way of showing an example of using the wiki to propose
votes – molly yes, tom yes, dave yes – Passes (This is vote 2 of 2, it becomes real).

C. What else? Discussion of “Build Projects”.
Molly: Art on the walls. Tom: semi-annual or quarterly social event. on irregular kind of basis. Molly: office holiday party. Aimee: open house? coordinated with social open house? August 1st open house, kegger, first thursday, get on calendars. 1 year anniversary. Holiday party. Let’s do it. Art on the walls. First Thursday: Artists working out of homes, maybe. Aimee will contact artist friend.

Tom and Molly will volunteer.

New old business:

Summary: Concerns re: Group Membership proposal.

How can the proposers be here? Membership & meetings. Currently the proposers are members.

Is it about the bottom line? No it’s not. A concern is that multiple members in the group do not have a single point of contact in the group, whereas all other companies and groups here do.

2 members were concerned that not passing the group proposal would cause Stumptown Syndicate to leave. With 4 members currently, they have 8 hours/month of conference room time from the recent proposal that was passed. If they want to schedule meetings, it would be done through the new calendar: each member not at the meeting today can be shown how to utilize the calendar.

6. Review.

  • Tom: went well.
  • Molly: great if more people here at the meeting.
  • Alex: covered a lot, a lot of ideas we’re doing stuff about.
  • Fitz: wishes more people here, but generated good ideas today.
Written by Resh Inanna