We have started the membership drive! Our first meeting was hugely productive, establishing many of our initial priorities and objectives. Some simple and some quite complex. Thank you Tom Boeker and Molly Danielson for your help in getting the ideas flowing in our initial meeting. Our first two immediately actionable tasks resulting from our first meeting were tidying up a bit and conducting a brief survey of members. Aimee, Tom, and I spent a whole morning (and a bit more) making all of our resources more accessible and visually appealing. Member Scott Crabtree of Happy Brain Science suggested that we conduct a Net Promoter Score survey of members to test how willing members are to recommend this place to other people. The responses have been and continue to be hugely informative. If you are a member please fill out the survey. It will take less than five minutes and will be extremely helpful in knowing what we can do to make Collective Agency even better.

Our next steps will be to continue gathering information and resources that our community might have to offer. Concurrent to gathering resources we will be starting the outreach effort in full force. Do you know of an event or meeting you think a representative of Collective Agency should attend? Let us know and either Aimee or I will do our best to be there. Or, even better, go yourself and remember to tell the group about Collective Agency.

We are currently exploring more ways to collect feedback including a more in-depth member survey and a general feedback box or form. In the meantime, please comment on this post or send Aimee or I an email.



Written by Fitz Ryland