Attendees: 13

Jeffrey is out. Alex is subbing.
Notes by Dietrich and Christie on
Alex, Fitz, Christie, Jim, Audrey, Molly, Ben, Don, Tom, Jim, Amy, Dave, Mike, Dietrich
I. Meeting notes received from last meeting?
  • 4/24/12 Tue Civics Meeting
  • Coordinating Council Notes April 30, 2012
II. Reports & Standing Teams:
  • General business and budget update
  • Proposals 1 results (Member meetings in conference rooms. Passed.)
  • Proposal 2 results (6 hours of free event time per month. Failed to pass.)
III. Proposals / New Business
  • Proposal for group membership
  • Election team update & planning
  • Discussion of meeting reminders and minutes
IV. Announcements

* intros

* agenda overview
* procedural overview: christie raises roberts rules question about meaning of no vote
* audrey requests last-call for proposal emails on the list
* donp request clarification on meaning of abstention
* sticking to roberts rules wrt abstention
* abstain votes are not counted in the 2/3 majority, for example
* finance updates: loan repayments ongoing
* $2000 repaid to loans
* $3000 oustanding
* $1000 surplus as of end of april (expenses, including staff)
* expect to be able to pay remainder of loans by end of May
* loans were covering income gap in dec to cover new 5yr lease cost
* Proposal 1 (2 hrs meetings with non-members for each member monthly): passed both membership and coordinating council meeting
* Need to figure out how to utilize wiki to keep track of proposal process and meeting notes.
* Proposal 2: Didn’t pass Council.
New Business–
* Need clarification on what happens after the a proposal is rejected by the council.
* Proposal 2 (“Workgroup proposal”) changes:
** change group usage from unlimited to 30hrs monthly
** clarify details of “internal meeting” use
Vote result: Unanimously passed.
Yes: Tom, Don, Dave, Mike, Dietrich, Christie, Audrey, Jim, Ben
No: None.
Did not vote: Alex and Fitz.
Workgroup proposal:
1. Membership Rate
   * $320
2. Membership Benefits
   * 1 vote in membership decisions
   * use of the business address, mail delivery, storage locker
   * up to five designated reps from the organization can access space and host meetings – reps will be determined in advance, and CA will be notified of any changes (access means key holders who can host meetings)
   * up to 30 hours per month of conference room use for internal meetings
       * included use is during evenings and weekends only (evenings begin 5pm, weekends are Sat and Sun and holidays)
       * internal meetings are those that are for organizational, administrative or planning purposes only
       * user group meetings, workshops and classes are not considered internal meetings and would be billed at the regular member meeting rate.
   * member rate on space rental that’s not included otherwise
3. Membership Responsibilities
   * pay on time each month
   * clean up after using the space
   * contribute to membership decision-making
   * abide by community guidelines, terms of service and constitution
4. Qualification for Membership
   * read and agree to abide by community guidelines, terms of service and constitution
   * limited to 10 active organizations at one time
5. Procedure for Schedule Conflicts
   * Scheduling on first-come, first-serve basis.
   * All meetings should be entered on the CA calendar/scheduling system.
Elections update:
   Voting format: online. use this link:
   rank people in order your preferences.
   Voting will end on the 14th
   6 candidates for the lead position, 4 for the coordinating council (only 4 openings)
Coordinating council members do not need to be confirmed by 2/3 member vote.
Written by Resh Inanna