Attending: Fitz, Sam, and Alex. Emanuel by phone.


Elections going well

  • Four nominations for Coordinating Council
  1. We will only be voting if we get more nominations that positions
  • Six nominations for the Main Community Organizer
  1. We will be voting
  2. If we get more than six nominations the voting team will narrow the field
  • Alex will become a regular paying member when his term expires and will not run for any position.

Scholarship application – we accept

  • Fitz will get it all set up


  • Sent out today
  • 400 recipients on list -> 100 have opened it already
  • Included info on new scholarship tier


  • a really good way to aggregate our accounts
  • Tried Quickbooks, but it no longer integrates with PayPal.
  • Has good visualizations to show people here.


  • We have about a $1,000 balance at the end of this month
  • We have paid back $2,ooo in loans this month
  • We have $3,000 remaining in loans
  • We should be able to pay back the rest of loans by end of may

Business Overall

  • Alex has been putting together a document on how to pass on the business
  1. staffing
  2. marketing
  3. finances
  4. balancing democracy vs. outreach for more revenue vs. people here
  • alex will not be hiring any new staff -> leave it to the next person

Alex drafting a proposal

  • Founder of democratic business get paid for starting it
  • Founders fee, profit sharing… something like that.
  • Sam – need to ensure stability of business before elections
  • No one wants to establish budgetary guidelines as their first thing once elected
  • What to do with balance in the future?
  • More space, nicer stuff, better services?
  • What are our goals for the coming fiscal year?

General Updates

  • Tiered meeting rate research will be continued this week
  • memberships/ website – we have added a bunch of profiles to the CA site
  • followed lots of members on twitter
  • sam gave a good talk at Research Club on sunday -> very good reception

Proposals / New Business

Proposal 1 – Full Text below

 4/24/12 Tue Civics Meeting Notes – Covers full text and clarifying questions

votes – 3 yes, 1 no – Proposal passes

  • Fitz – I vote yes. It is a good service, we have the money to support it, members want it, I do not think it will attract new members, it slightly muddles our list of member benefits/makes member benefits slightly more confusing for new members. I’m ok with it, but not super excited about it.
  • Sam agrees

Proposal 2 – Full Text below

 4/24/12 Tue Civics Meeting Notes – Covers full text and clarifying questions

Votes – 1 yes, 3 no – Proposal does not pass

Clarifying Questions

  • fitz – how do groups get approved?
  • fitz and alex will set up a scheduling system
  • currently we do it personally to all requests -> we respond within 24hrs almost if not all the time
  • Fitz – I am unsure if I am qualified (or anyone is) to determine if an event is educational on the fly as I try to book an event.
  • publicly viewable applications for space by members
  • At this point we decided that our questions were broader than individual logistical points. As a community we can figure out logistical stuff if the concept is sound. We moved on to discuss the concept.

reasons for

  • people want to have groups here
  • could be a symbol of CS being a supportive community in portland
  • fitz I am unconvinced free space is supportive
  1. sam – even being supportive as a symbol might be good overall
  • Alex – it would ask people to be more entitled

Reasons Against

  • would be a lot of work
  • would make the terms too good
  • proposal 1 would allow for a lot of events
  • could block others from using space
  • same issue that we went though with workgroups


  • sam – we abolished workgroups and now members want something similar -> what would it take to change your mind about this?
  • alex – answer the question how do members here grow their agency by not paying?
  • sam – collaborative work in general will make people more active/involved
  • naturally fosters collaboration and community
  • this is in some ways really similar to Proposal 1 with more logistics
  • fitz – ask for what you want -> this will be a lot of work, though doable
  • alex – free space ends up as a very transactional experience
  1. we give them space, and they give us exposure/referrals
  2. we dont end up getting more referrals than paid meetings
  • fitz – giving space away devalues the space
  • emanuel – we grew the most when we got rid of free membership


Biggest reason for

  • Sam – sees it as included as a benefit of membership -> not free
  • not just renting space -> members pay to be a part of the community this is the community part

Biggest reason against

  • Fitz – devaluation of the space
  • Those who pay for the space value it more. As a result they refer the space more and have more reasonable expectations of the space and community.

Proposal 1

Members can have 1 meeting in Conference Rooms with nonmembers attending up 2 hours/month.  Any additional time is purchased at regular rate.

Proposal 2

Collective Agency offers no more than 6 hours of ‘’free event time’’ in the main loft area per month for evening and weekend use.

To be eligible, events must:

  1. Apply through the scheduling system with at least 7 days advance notice and no more than 3 months in advance.
  2. Be open to the public, free of charge, educational, and less than 45 people.
  3. Follow all OLCC requirements and ensure appropriate liability coverage.
  4. Be sponsored by three different members each month.  A sponsor is responsible for facilitating the event and ensuring clean up and closing.
Written by Resh Inanna