I.  Welcome

Mike, Will, Audrey, Carol, Molly, Jeffrey, Alex

II. New Business

Clarifications in italics by Alex Linsker, main community organizer, made 4/26/12 9:35am as per Section 7 of the Constitution.

A.  Proposal One: 1 abstain, 5 yes (proposal passes the Tuesday meeting, will go to Council Monday meeting to be voted on.)

Members can have 1 meeting in Conference Rooms with nonmembers attending up 2 hours/month.  Any additional time is purchased at regular rate.

Clarifying Questions:

How can we ensure clarity of bookings?

  • Our current method of booking is through direct contact with community organizers.  This can work if confirmation is responsive, but preference is for a google calendar or 1 place to access a calendar (ensure no conflicts, etc).

Are there limits on number of people?

  • We have numbers online (16 in large room, 8 people on others).
Note: We see the proposal as good for long term development of CA: it will help members grow their groups, projects, or firms before investing in paid meetings.

B. Proposal 2:  6 yes (Passes by members at this meeting: this revised proposal will be put to members for a vote this coming Monday and Tuesday.)

Based on concerns, we modified the proposal language.

BEFORE: Collective Agency offers no more than 12 hours of ‘’free event time’’ in the main loft area per month.  Must be open to the public, free of charge, educational, less than 45 people.   Events must be sponsored by three different members each month.

AFTER: Collective Agency offers no more than 6 hours of ‘’free event time’’ in the main loft area per month for evening and weekend use.

To be eligible, events must:

  1. Apply through the scheduling system with at least 7 days advance notice and no more than 3 months in advance.
  2. Be open to the public, free of charge, educational, and less than 45 people.
  3. Follow all OLCC requirements and ensure appropriate liability coverage.
  4. Be sponsored by three different members each month.  A sponsor is responsible for facilitating the event and ensuring clean up and closing.

Clarifying Questions

How early or late can a group request space? How will we ensure no conflicting bookings?

  • Add an online application process and scheduling system (set up by Alex and Fitz).  Method for members to express concerns and approval of awarding free event space. Discretionary oversight will be provided via Council, and the applications will be available for review by members online and at Civics meetings. Priority goes to paid events.

How will people get sponsors?

  •  Can apply without sponsors, but need to have three sponsors by event time.  Available ways to gain sponsors: know someone, come to a Lightning Round, directly contact members, or attend a CA event.

What is the potential financial impact?

  1. Reduce the hours from 12 to 6.  We will review in a few months at a civics meeting to evaluate impact on revenue.

C. Proposal 3:

We did not vote but worked on clarifying the proposal based on concerns from council.  Please look for this next week.

Establish an organizational membership at the rate of $320 a month for use of conference rooms up to 25 hrs a month on evenings and weekends.    Priority goes to paid meetings, and main space use must still be rented.  Membership includes one vote in council, use of business address, and access to storage lockers.  Groups are responsible for hosting duties including opening, closing, and cleaning.

Context: This proposal follows from last week’s vote to abolish community work groups and establish a workable alternative.

Clarifying questions:

  • How many hours of internal use actually are being used?  What would be a viable cap? How many organizing groups could CA support?
  • Can we define this for non-profits (e.g. Oregon and not 501c3)?
  • Can we check with Springboard, Meyer Memorial Trust, Rack on needs? Do co-working space have models for group memberships?


IV.  Announcements

Stumptown Syndicate is having Open Source Bridge planning, and the conference in June 26-29.

Written by Resh Inanna