Fitz, Alex, and Sam Attending.



  • Sam – have there been any new applicants for the election?
  1. no
  • really important to get blog post descriptions from Sam and Emanuel
  1. important to describe the actions we take here
  2. need to set an example -> sam will do it now -> Being a Coordinating Council member = Fun
  • worst case scenario for elections -> no one runs….
  1. push back the election?
  2. what if non-qualified outsiders run? -> probably wont happen
  3. would pay encourage people to run? no, probably not
  4. how to get people to run would be a good question for a civics meeting.
  5. fitz – would a summery of why having a Coordinating Council matters help? yes, probably
  • Alex – it is ok to have people be a bit concerned/uncertain when we have a new leader -> likely to engender engagement


  • new scholarship member at new tier
  1. fitz signed up but still need to ask for formal application
  2. really important to keep and set limits
  • new meetings – three or so today
  • will set up quick books or mint
  • sam suggests expensify – really good expense reporting, not the best for total tracking
  • two members quit
  1. one got into upstart labs
  2. one did not use the space much -> apparently not a great fit
  • budget – we have a surplus this month! -> keep paying off loans
  • research club is doing well – they have moved to idealist’s office
  1. fitz and alex will go to an organizational meeting tonight
  • fitz will be looking into a tiered meeting rates
  1. our rates are too low for some and too high for others
  2. how do we differentiate?

Proposal – Organizational Membership

Proposal did not meet 2/3rds majority needed to pass. See constitution section 7 for procedural details.


  • fitz – abstain
  1. really good spirit but is missing some important details
  • sam – no
  1. seems tied to a new status instead of an additional service
  • alex – yes
  1. this asks for too much

main sticking points

  • unlimited usage is too much
  1. people get kicked out of all you can eat buffets -> need some limitation on hours
  2. fairness to other members
  3. we should be asking for what we want
  • need an explicit number designated reps
  1. accountability – consequences
  2. need something explicit when costs are incurred
  3. need to know who is coming to the buffet
  • could you give a vote to anyone/group that wants to rent over a certain number of hours?
  • group vote -> would need to vote within a group in order to decide how that group voted at CA -> probably really good
Written by Resh Inanna