Update on last week’s democratic meetings: the constitutional
amendment to abolish workgroups passed, and the amendment to have an
additional scholarship tier passed. Links:

– https://collectiveagency.co/2012/04/19/history-of-constitution-amendments-section-3-community-workgroups/
– https://collectiveagency.co/scholarships (linked to from the
https://collectiveagency.co/membership/ page)

* * *

This coming week there are 3 proposals up for debate (clarifying
questions, then any concerns) and vote.

Proposal 1: Members can have 1 meeting in Conference Rooms with
nonmembers attending up 2 hours/month.  Any additional time is
purchased at regular rate.

Proposal 2:  Collective Agency offers no more than 12 hours of ‘’free
event time’’ in the main loft area per month.  Must be open to the
public, free of charge, educational, less than 45 people.   Events
must be sponsored by three different members each month.”

More info on Proposals 1 and 2: https://collectiveagency.co/2012/04/10/civics-meeting-minutes-31012/
and https://collectiveagency.co/2012/04/04/4312-civics-meeting-minutes/

Proposal 3: Proposal for Community Org Membership at CA

1. Membership Rate
* $320

2. Membership Benefits
* 1 vote in membership decisions
* use of the business address, receiving mail, storage locker
* designated reps from the organization can access space and host
* unlimited use of meeting rooms for internal meetings during
evening and weekends
* member rate on space rental that’s not included otherwise

3. Membership Responsibilities
* pay on time each month
* clean up after using the space
* contribute to membership decision-making
* abide by community guidelines, terms of service and constitution

4. Qualification for Membership
* read and agree to abide by community guidelines, terms of
service and constitution
* limited to 20 active organizations at one time

5. Procedure for Schedule Conflicts
* Scheduling on first-come, first-serve basis.
* All meetings should be entered on the CA calendar (within

* * *


Proposals #1 and #2: proposed for debate and vote at the Tuesday
3:30pm members meeting; if either or both pass, they will next go to
the other democratic meetings for debate and vote.

Proposal #3: proposed for debate and vote for all of the meetings this
coming week simultaneously (the Council members meeting Monday 4:30pm,
and the members civics meeting Monday 6pm and/or Tuesday 3:30pm). If
it passes the council meeting and the civics meetings, then it will
become an amendment.

# # #

Written by Alex Linsker