3:35 Reports and Reminders

Weekly Updates
Gentle Reminders

3:45 New Business

A cap On Scholarships?

Lightning Talks and Social Media Strategy Update
Holiday Parties

4:25 Review

Next steps
Thoughts on meeting process and design



Weekly Updates

  • Stats, 5 new members this week, 59 total
  • Freelancers Bible book release event big success
  • pursuing World Blu membership – coalition of democratic workplaces

Cap on Scholarships

  • mix of high and low income members adds value for everyone here
  • public perception, want to keep a premium image
  • waiting list could be a good thing
  • 15%min 30%max
  • Fitz will have proposal to vote on next week

Social Media

  • site 1.0 is baseline traffic
  • site 2.0 graphing

Holiday Party

  • help is needed
Written by Resh Inanna