I. Welcome

Dave (from mozilla, hi), Molly, Tom, Jeffrey, and Alex

II. New Busines

A. Confirm steps for Election 

Media and messaging to about the Position

  • Send out on Twitter and Facebook (Alex will start the ball rolling): 10-Noon
  • Recommendations of facilitator groups to send job position in few days (Jeffrey & Molly)
  • Potential prompt on Calagator: event for meeting members (post next week)
  • Posted through Research Club (beth@research-club.org, Molly)
  • Will begin repeating posts at Wednesdays at Lightning Talks, Google Groups (46 members), ask of members to repeat on Twitter/Facebook.
  • May (when): Event for candidates (both positions) to meet members?
  • May 1: Schulze method instructions and voting online procedures (KISS on Schulze method–Jeffrey)
  • May 7: Reminders one week left
  • May 14: Reminder last day left to voting

B. Fridge will be cleaned out on Fridays. (It got dang nasty last time.)

C. Clarification of Proposals. 

We had 4, now we have 2.

Proposal 1: Members can have 1 meeting in Conference Rooms with nonmembers attending up 2 hours/month.  Any additional time is purchased at regular rate.

What does this change? Our current benefit reads: “Conference rooms are available for people already here, each person up to 2 hours/day included, and more available at the regular meeting rate.”  (

Concerns Discussed (best I can give is a topical review)

Priority of use goes to paid meetings.   Question about a booking system, e.g. how early can a reservation be secured?

Gaming the system? How much will giving 1 free conference meeting impact budget and revenue?  Current rates puts this at $70.


Proposal 2:  Collective Agency offers no more than 12 hours of ‘’free event time’’ in the main loft area per month.  Must be open to the public, free of charge, educational, less than 45 people.   Events must be sponsored by three different members each month.

What does this change?  According to our description, “Educational community events are a reason why we exist. Evenings and weekends, we have many educational events that are free of charge and open to the public.”

The whole main loft area (the “main space”) is available for event rentals evenings and weekends: up to 45 people at $75/hour, and up to 125 people at $125/hour.

Concerns: Priority goes to paid events (booking, etc).  Gaming the system.  Labor for staff.  Scheduling


III. Old Business

Sweet, none.


IV. Announcements

Keep an ear out for a Tweet from Alex posting the job description.  If we all repost on our social media in a similar time frame, we get better coverage.  Let’s aim for 10:30am (what day?)

Written by Resh Inanna