Attending: Fitz, Alex, Emanuel.

Notes: Fitz. Agenda: Alex. Timekeeper: Emanuel.


  • Fitz updated on his vision/plan as incoming main community organizer: hiring staff, acquiring new members especially women. Emanuel and Alex gave advice/feedback. Scroll down to see New Business.
  • Alex and Fitz are working with commercial real estate lawyer on sublease, going well. 
  • Talk about valuation, similar to civics meeting the next day. Alex will hire a valuation expert for the business, might be good to have annual reviews.

* * *

What would we each like to happen in the next hour?

  • Emanuel – caught up! whats goin’ on? minutes are one thing, how people are feeling are another.
  • Alex – I would like it to be fun, and I like the work of clarifying questions… more clarity.
  • Fitz – I would like Emanuel’s advice – I look forward to catching you up

Appreciative in the last week

  • Emanuel – glad to be back in Portland – glad this place is here – it is really important to me and what I do in Portland.
  • Alex – really glad to get advice from people – and being ok with uncertainty.
  • Fitz – I am very appreciative of how welcoming and excited everyone is for my taking office.

Reports/Standing Teams


  • Fitz – sublease is just as simple as it sounds – needs to include all terms of current lease plus some
  • For sublease, Alex will be locked in for year – fitz would have 45 days notice to get out – Terms of Alex’s current lease with landlord have landlord locked in for 5 years, Alex can give 30 days notice. (These terms are unheard of they are so good)
Business Valuation:
  • Alex – I talked with a business valuation expert [name]
  • Would be an independent assessor of business
  • Would ask for lots of business documents – alex will forward
  • Could be really good to have a third party do it
  • Emanuel – how often would a valuation be helpful
  • Fitz – profit or loss seems to be the result of taking on risk, to oversimplify. Alex took on almost all of the risk in starting Collective Agency, so I am having a hard time seeing why he shouldn’t take almost all of the profit.

 Membership and Meetings

  • Alex worked on membership page – Fitz will continue work with members that have volunteered
  • Emanuel – to clarify – the founders fee did not pass. Correct. – There are some things that are not up for democracy – we do have administrative staff
  • Alex – civics meetings might not be fully representative – its a good check though – not sure, maybe it is balanced
  • Fitz – I think there will need to be a conversation around what is appropriate to vote on. – I am a huge fan of representational democracy – referendum voting is kinda crazy
  • Emanuel – I like the fuzzy edges that we have – it lets things happen it keeps things going. conversations around what happens here are really important maybe our parliamentary system is really good maybe not.
  • Fitz – I never want to vote on what kind of coffee we drink
  • Alex – I like the idea of fences – instead of compromises on everything we can do different things at the same time. We can put a fence up. We have two coffee makers, we can drink two different kinds of coffee.
  • Fitz – I dont think that it is an impending problem, but it will be on my mind.

New Business

Fitz’s Immediate Priorities as Main Community Organizer


  • Acquire many more members (particularly more women)
  • Establish a continued effort to acquire new members (attrition mitigation)
  • Directly involve members in the establishment on community here

Staffing/Member Acquisition Team

  • Hire someone to do supplement areas in which I could be even better -> member acquisition team leader.
  • Member Acquisition Team -> Similarly to the Election Team I would like to engage/enlist members in building the community around them.
  • Hire a few others to help provide back up staff, and engage more people in running this place -> make myself as replaceable as possible.
  • Solidify Branding, make face to face referrals easier -> personalized business cards at least for myself and maybe for whoever else wants them. This will make it easier to make a personal connection in referrals.


  • Emanuel – might be a good broaden the title of the member acquisition team leader so that they can maintain a role after member drive – it might be good to give some operational backup staff more in depth training – “team leader of the late night ‘hosters’” – start trend to move some of the administrative/operational stuff away from the MCO
  • Alex – for whoever you hire it would be good to train them to open up – if they dont show up the first time you might aught not hire them
  • Fitz – it legitimately bothers me how few women are here these days
  • Alex – some women are really good at bringing women together – good to talk to/get advice from: [names]

back to profits/profit sharing

At this point we have finished all of the items on the agenda and begin to talk more broadly/philosophically about Collective Agency.

  • Emanuel – in order to talk about what to do with profits I have to understand the official/tax structure of CA [Alex’s note: it’s pass-through income to sole proprietors, we have an accountant]
  • How much of corporate law applies to voluntary associations?
  • Alex – there is an obligation to pay for the profits that have been generated – largely me – there is a profit interest


  • emanuel: “it’s great to talk about you guys about this random stuff. it’s a lot of fun. it’s hard, it feels high stakes, it feels interesting too. this feeling of wanting to nail it.”
  • fitz: “the conversation has been really great and I’m grateful for the conversation. even just saying something aloud and having it said back to you can help you make conclusions that you wouldn’t have made otherwise. i think next time we can work on a concision.”
  • emanuel: “feels an hour is too little to get stuff done.”
  • alex: “more than hour is good when we get into more than what do we do right now.”
Written by Resh Inanna