Position: Main Community Organizer
Collective Agency

Applications will go through an initial screening, and the position will be filled through an election by members.  Applications are due no later than April 30th 2012.

Organization Description
Community Mission: A supportive and nurturing place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to.  See our website at: http://CollectiveAgency.co for more information.

Position Description
The Constitution outlines the key areas of responsibility for the position of Main Community Organizer. This position is laid out in Section 2 of the Constitution https://collectiveagency.co/constitution (this is important to read) and the Candidate Registration form (how to apply).  

You will be the main person responsible for making sure the space is open every morning at 9am and is closed at 5pm, and being on call if anything goes wrong.


  • Have a growth abundance mindset.
  • Experience in facilitation (group discussions, meetings, surveys, etc) and/or democratic governance (representative, neighborhood associations, co-ops, councils, etc).
  • Ability to find common ground and engage in negotiation (new agreements and contracts, or protecting existing agreements).  Moving forward with different perspectives is crucial
  • Follow-through. Make visible results happen regularly.
  • Have very good communication skills (written and verbally).
  • Have website skills or be able to learn enough to work with people who do; we use WordPress and Google Docs.
  • Be detail oriented and also able to create and see the big picture. Be a role model: pick up trash and clean up when no one else does, and lead the overall vision and strategy.
  • Be excellent at delegating.


  • To be available with high expectations and available to requests.
  • To be a role model and mentor.
  • To be a wholehearted human.

See https://collectiveagency.co/wiki/resources-on-call/ for a list of resources.

Revenue and Expenses

We have $10,500/month in expenses. As of April, $10,800/month is revenue from 53 members. We are an unincorporated association by choice: revenue is held by authorized independent contractors, currently Alex and Fitz, each with dedicated bank accounts reviewable by the Council (and other members if desired).

Pay is $2,754/month as an independent contractor paid based on money coming in.

How to Apply: start by filling out the form at http://bit.ly/HRFQ0v  Come and visit for up to a week on the trial membership.

Training is on a flexible schedule May 15th to June 14th. The position is at least 33 hours per week from June 15 2012 to June 14 2013.

[Edited and confirmed by members at the Tuesday 4/3/12 democratic meeting.]
Written by Alex Linsker