Posted on March 21, 2012 by jeffreysens

1. Greetings and Warmth
Attending: Andrea B (planning Ted X at Concordia U, 2 weeks)
Molly D (woo just closed project, and now new project about how global sanitation practices work in U.S. regulation), Tom B (in house recruiting project, going to lots of talks on social movements and economy)
Alex L B (mozilla just signed up 15 members–CA is now 53 paying members, 57 total! looking at opening new space venture based around focus of empathy),
Jeffrey S (indie showcase at BarCamp is coming soon).
2.  New Business
Election Process and Policy.  Standing Workgroup: Molly D, Tom B, Jeffrey S
A. Setting Timeline for Messaging and Alerts
  • April 1-May 1: Recruit nominees for two positions ( 1) Main Community Organizer: open to non-members and 2) Four Coordinating Council members: members only
  • April 15-May 1: Review candidates form Main Community Organizer, workgroup will select top 5 or 6 candidates (this may include interviews)
  • May 1-15 (tentative): Voting by members using the Schulze method for preference voting (this is not direct 1 to 1 vote)
  • May 15-June 15: Training of New Council Members
  • June 15-Induct New Council
B. Set Priorities on What Questions to Answer
  1. Basic voting rules?  We will post explanation of Schulze method prior to voting period
  2. How should someone put her/his name in the running?  Alex will put up a google DOC application for nominations; workgroup will review next meeting (to make sure voters will get key information about candidates.
  3. Key questions: Qualifications, written statement on why they want the position, and what is their greatest contribution or strength they can bring to CA.
  4. How should we inform voters about candidates and the election? We will post candidate bios/applications for members (online and physical).  Alex will send out call on Workgroup List (email newsletter of about 500 people, approx 1/3 read it).  We will put up a list of other sites for the job call.
C. Proposal for Application Process for free event space use.
This proposal came out the conversation begun in Council on the issue of guidelines and how to make principled decisions about who and when can CA offer free space.  Goal: promote more community based, public events without raising the cost of access or being arbitrary about who we support.  We suggest creating an online application so Council can quickly decide among groups.
  • Suggested basic qualifiers on type of organizations:  Eligible if group does not charge for the event, has less than 10 or 20k budget, does not have membership fees.
  • Possible qualifications for free space:  for small group events (e.g. less than 20 people, smaller rooms not the main room), does not conflict with member use or prime time, limited availability (1 time or by period) group is anti-discriminatory in all social categories, clearly or strongly supports the mission of CA.
  • Required exchange or reciprocity: gives an oral and print blurb for CA in their event media; more?
We will look at this in more detail next Civics Meeting before floating  the proposal.
3. Prior Business (None)
4. Announcements
  • 7-10 pm Cooworking Tour Space Ship, Rick Turosky has RSVP, This Wed
  • Research Club is Sunday, 12-3pm
  • YWSE, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, crowd-funding event with portraits for $50 per person, at Tenor Park (sp), Sat May 12th
  • We are moving toward Workgroup membership, $35 hour, for use of event space at night/off hours.  
(Super thanks to everyone who attended!)
Written by Alex Linsker