There are three main proposals that members will be able to debate and vote on at this March 5th Monday’s 6-7pm or this March 6th Tuesday’s 3:30-4:15pm weekly democratic meetings:

  1. Membership Rates (for future members only),
  2. Democratic Process,
  3. Meeting Rates and Event Membership.

Proposal #2 describes this democratic process. Notes from the Council meeting describe why the Council voted yes:

“This involves more people in the voting process, gets more people involved, and shifts things away from the Council, which is supposed to be a shifting group anyway. It’s a natural way to train people for taking on the positions later on.” –Sam Balter, Council member

There are also 3 other proposals which are more for order-keeping. See the February 26th Council minute notes for more context and the debate that was had before the Council members voted yes on each of these. See just the text of the main proposals below.

Proposal #1: Membership rates.

“To keep rates the same for current members at $160/month or $300/month, to keep scholarship rates the same, and to raise rates:

  • from $160/month to $320/month for membership per person,
  • from $300 to $495/month for membership per person with a permanent desk.”


The artificially low rate, which is below the minimum for shared workplaces, and includes our amenities and programming, is keeping people who expect to pay more, away. The terms are currently too good. It is strange to companies and people new to us that it’s such a low rate, and it keeps individuals and bigger companies away because they are concerned about viability and/or their brokers refer them to market rate properties. The revenue is coming directly out of what could be paid to staff, all of whom are currently largely volunteering.


We can add another scholarship tier, maybe $120 or $160/month for people making up to $40,000/year in revenue of any kind.

Rates staying the same for current members at $160/month or $300/month would I think show people that “buying in” early to our community has benefits, and they put up with the construction work of updating the policies! But it could psychologically make members feel bad about paying less than the regular rate and result in members ending membership.

Start date: Until March 12th to sign up at the old rate (pay first and last within 2 weeks).


Proposal #2: Proposal-Debate-Vote Process.

For Constitution and/or Terms of Service changes only, the proposal, debate, and vote need to be passed by 2/3rds majority vote at each of these democratic meetings:

  • the weekly Council meeting on Monday (4:30-5:30pm),
  • the weekly civics meeting Monday (6-7pm),
  • the weekly civics meeting on Tuesday (3:30-4:15pm),

where every member can vote at only one of the meetings.

Independent moderator/chair for each meeting.

To provide a meeting agenda with proposed items at least 2 full business days in advance (by end of day Thursday for a Monday evening democratic meeting, and by3:30pmFriday for a Tuesday 3:30pm democratic meeting).”


Proposal #3: Meeting Rates and Event Membership.

“i) Provide an “Event Membership” rate per person to be a member with voting rights and key access, whose 24/7 access is exclusively to host and participate in meetings, for a membership fee of $50/month, plus the hourly meeting rate.

First and last month’s rent due upon signup, normal membership terms apply.

ii) For all Meetings to be charged at the same current rate with a reduced after-hours rate to members who host.

Reduced after-hours rate for all members when a member hosts, including being trained, and each time: opening up, hosting, cleaning, and locking up, then: meetings at $35/hour are $10/hour off, and meetings at $75/hour are $15/hour off.

Show this option with a radio button on the Meetings page: “Is a member hosting this meeting after hours? -Yes -No”

Written by Alex Linsker