As the main community organizer here, I’m (Alex) term-limited come June 15th, and all 5 Council representative positions are up for election. We need a team to update the election structure, and to oversee the elections.

At the last Monday civics meeting, a member suggested that elections could end on May 15th, with a month for the incoming representatives to be trained. Will the elections start April 15th? Will people put their names in starting on April 1st? Or something else?

Might you want to be involved in writing policy for elections and/or overseeing elections? Add your name by commenting below. By default, the current Council members will be involved in writing the policy, and maybe you will be too?

* * *

Here are the questions that Fitz wrote, which were asked and answered for our mid-term elections; these need to be decided. Our structure has grown so much in the past five months. Many of our answers from last time are likely outdated (see the bottom of the Election Central page for the old policy), so here are the original questions:

“Here are some questions that I think need answering.  I have some good ideas about answers and I am sure you both do too.
  • Who is eligible to vote?
  • Who is eligible to run?
  • How should people vote?
  • Basic voting rules?
  • How should someone put her/his name in the running?
    • Nomination process?
  • What positions need to be filled?
    • How many positions?
    • Should we have representation for particular groups of people?
    • If so, how should we proportion representation?
  • What information about candidates is important for voters to know?
    • How should we inform voters about candidates?
  • What is our time frame?
    • What should the nomination period be?
    • When should we hold an election?
  • How should we promote the election?”
Written by Alex Linsker