Thursday, December 1st, 4pm-7pm, we will welcome Sam and Emanuel to the Coordinating Council with a potluck-style party here.

There are two new candidates for the two new positions on the Coordinating Council, to be representatives, one of paid members, and one of non-members, December 1 through June 15. With only one candidate per open position we will not be voting for this election.  Emanuel Costache will represent paid members and Sam Balter will represent non-members.  Learn a little bit more about them below.

Coordinating Council Nominees

ecostache Election Central: Dec 2011 mid-term electionsEmanuel Costache
Coordinating Council Candidate – Representing Paid Members


1) Time Commitment?

Twenty-five hours per month.

2) Skills? What skills do you bring that you want do?

I bring, unfortunately, more than two years experience doing management consulting in higher education. I say unfortunately because though my firm’s mission is a semi-noble one — to help colleges and universities use grant funds effectively so to better serve students — the money often comes with mandates rooted in old thinking about what successful initiatives look like. The most successful projects I’ve seen turn away from tried/tired models, bend the rules, tackle “impossible” problems, and, in doing so, do something cool. I am badly in want of doing something cool.

For the two years prior to that stuff, I lived in a coop with twenty-four others. The glue that held us together was served as a vegetarian dinner, Sunday through Thursday, at the unholy-early hour of 6:30 pm. We took turns cooking in small groups, we took pride in our dishes. We managed, somehow, to make enough food. Our funds were pooled and every expenditure approved by consensus vote. From preferred apiary to laundry detergent. We had a lot of meetings.

My second year, I acted as treasurer of the party fund — money we collected separately from essentials fund. I asked from each only according to his/her ability. Near the end of the year, I noticed we’d cut costs 20% by taking note of which wines people actually drank and only buying those, not serving margaritas when it was snowing, and replacing plastic cups with decent glasses. (Whereas red plastic cups seem to scream praise for the excesses of frat boy delinquency, a glass made of glass, well, it even rhymes with “class.”) As for the savings, we voted, of course, to blow it all on the last party.

3) Vision? What do you plan to do?

I want to help the council and members build upon the Herculean amount of work that’s gone into creating this space in order to grow it into a sustainable organization.

If Alex, Fitz, and Summer disappeared to Alaska tomorrow, the future of CA would depend entirely on another small group stepping up to fill their shoes with equal vigor and double socks. I want to be a part of an organization where one wo/man’s drive isn’t the only driving force keeping the thing afloat; where we are all — to some degree — always-already filling each other’s shoes.

4) Learn? What do you want to learn in this experience?

I want to learn about organizational democracy from Alex. I want to meet everyone I share this space with; I want to hear their stories and learn from their experiences. One of my favorite teachers always seemed to speak in paragraphs… I want to do that and the only path I see to getting there is littered with lots and lots of conversations. Let’s chat.

samBalter Election Central: Dec 2011 mid-term electionsSam Balter
Coordinating Council Candidate – Representing Non-Members


1) Time Commitment?

I am available for roughly 10 hours per a week but am happy to work extra hours when the situation calls for it. I am free after 4:30 on weekdays and anytime on weekends.

2) Skills? What skills do you bring that you want do?

Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Data Analysis, Decent Cook.

3) Vision? What do you plan to do?

I plan to improve the experience of current members of the Collective Agency by providing additional services focused on helping members connect to one another and collaborate on group projects.

4) Learn? What do you want to learn in this experience?

I want to learn how to be better at creating/ running events and working with a wide range of people.

5) What else?

Working for the Collective Agency would be a lot of fun because I am interested to meet a lot of different people and work on a wide range of projects.

Time Line

  • November 1st & 2nd – Nominations – Nominate yourself! or think about who would be even better!
  • November 14th-18th – Election Week – Voting booth will be here (but no voting)
  • December 1st – Welcoming Party – Party!
  • June 15 – anual elections for all 5 Coordinating Council positions.

Election Basics

  • Mid-term elections for 2 additional council members, whose term will be Dec 1-June 15
  • Two open positions on the Coordinating Council
    • One paid member representative
    • One non-member representative

More Info

For any unanswered questions contact:

Fitz Ryland, Coordinating Council member
(503) 517-6900 landline (503) 517-6901 fax (404) 626-6666 mobile
322 NW Sixth Ave, Suite 200, Portland, Oregon 97209

Written by Fitz Ryland