Note by Alex: I’ve updated these terms April 24, 2012, to encourage interest in members nominating themselves for the Coordinating Council. Info here.

Mid-term elections for two additional positions for the Coordinating Council are in progress, for December 1st through June 15th. The first part is nominations. Self nominations.

And, gratefully following Fitz’s lead about this opportunity to make something, I’m writing this post to provide an overview of Coordinating Council logistics, and then vision.


“Collective Agency” is an unincorporated association. That means that it’s a group name, like any discussion group has a group name, and it’s also a location name. It’s not an entity: only individuals can do things. There are entities involved:

  • I’m the leaseholder,
  • liability insurance is held,
  • Fitz and I are independent contractors who accept payment for meetings and members,
  • there are nonprofits and LLC’s part of “Collective Agency”, there are other independent contractors involved doing work whom I or Fitz pays,
  • there are more than 150 active volunteers 50 members many of whom are active volunteers,
  • there are about 250 people here each week during the day Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, not including paid meetings or diverse Community Workgroup meetings evenings and weekends, which each have 6-45 people at a time, and
  • the Terms of Service are at Community Guidelines, the page “Volunteer or Paid”, and the homepage.
  • There is a Constitution.

Might you like to be a Coordinating Council member here with me, Fitz, and Summer, if you have the time and interest in that?

The time commitment as a volunteer would be two hours per week, and could be more.

Making decisions overall is important, by considering the various people here, getting advice/feedback from members and supportive non-members about what they want here, and being seen as one of the main people here.

Nominations are today.  Elections are November 14-18. We might extend the nomination period if we need to.


And why… why do I call myself a Community Organizer? This is a workplace, after all. Some people expect community organizers to work to promote self-organizing teams and actions, loosely coordinated, where diverse people want something to happen. And that is what I do as a Coordinating Council member.

There is a lot of coordination. We have a representative democracy style, for people who are into that. Along with Coordinating Council members, 25% of members total regularly are involved at civics meetings, and other members plan group activities and conversations the Community Workgroup Organizers are also members here, and actively lead their groups while volunteering by coming to monthly representative meetings.

Volunteering as a Community Workgroup Organizer is checking and coordinating and doing a lot of hard work while having fun. And that inspires amazing things: professional development, community, personal growth, and _______________________________________.

By asking work to be an organic human expression, friends are made, workers learn that while their work is important it doesn’t override the intrinsic value of who they are, and the person doing the work becomes more understanding of themselves, their neighbors, and life as a whole. My personal experiences led me to see that the best way for this to happen is through a representative democracy that incorporates an open vulnerability and wholeheartedness in communication that embraces us all as fallible humans whose mistakes or surprises can be as awesome as the things we do “right”. Emerging from wholeheartedness, a strong integrity and enduring support provide people with the security and freedom necessary to passionately create. Enabling people to be an active part of shaping the world they live in by self-organizing teams, influencing future perspectives, and celebrating life is both my motivation and ultimate goal for our collective agency.

Written by Alex Linsker