More than anything the Coordinating Council needs doers. Everyone that I have interacted with here at “Collective Agency” is competent and motivated. The real question when considering additional members to the Coordinating Council is, “are they willing to put in the work?”

That being said, this is why I chose to be on the Coordinating Council, and it’s not just so that I can “do” things: A personal mantra of mine is “relationships matter”. My position on the Coordinating Council allows me the opportunity to build a community that values personal interaction and relationships. “Collective Agency” is more than a workplace. It is a cozy, nurturing, and relational place to work, and my position on the Coordinating Council helped me make it that way.

The Coordinating Council is an opportunity to make what we want out of this place. So, I guess it is a place for doers and doing things.

Written by Fitz Ryland