Collective Agency is a cooperative workplace in Old Town, Portland Oregon. Started in 2011, our community mission statement is: “a cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!”

Every year we are recognized as one of the 30 best in the world at something: most influential in coworking, best places for coworking, most democratic workplaces, etc.

We are a workplace democracy. As a member organization of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, sister organizations in Portland include Equal Exchange, People’s Food Coop, and CityBikes. We are on The WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2013, tied for the most awards along with WD-40. And we are on the Coworking Visa, part of an informal network of 450 places around the world where members can work for up to 3 days at each location, as part of membership.

Friendly members are the main business here.

Conference rooms are available for meetings 24/7, and the event room is available for events on weekday evenings after 5pm and weekends.

Alex Linsker

Alex Linsker, Business Owner.

@alexlinsker LinkedIn

Alex started Collective Agency in 2011 and is the business owner. This is the third co-working place he’s started or helped start, after two others in New York City (1999 and 2007). As a community organizer, he brings many people to work together. In March 2016 he was listed as one of the “30 most influential people in coworking”, for consistently focusing on workplace culture.