Collective Agency Morrison location opens February 25th

After five and a half years, Collective Agency will move from our NW Sixth Ave location to the top floor of the Tiffany Center at 1410 SW Morrison, Suite 850, Portland, Oregon 97205. The move date is Saturday February 25th 2017, and we’ll be open for members the next day.

Collective Agency Morrison has all the amenities of the current NW location, plus showers and a bigger kitchen. It’s at 14th and SW Morrison, on the Red and Blue MAX lines and near many buses, and a 9-minute walk from Pioneer Place/Courthouse Square. Map and directions info.


  • We’ll be in the open floorplan area of the suite, which the same size as the Loft currently.
  • Three doors go to conference rooms which are for us (they seat 2 to 12 people each), and other doors go to showers and restrooms which are also for us.
  • There’s also a sofa area for phone calls and a kitchen with a table for phone calls too.
  • All the other doors go to private offices which aren’t us.
  • By far the most requested locations by members were Pioneer Place/Courthouse Square and this building, and half as many requests were for the Pearl or other areas. The most requested features were: conference rooms/phone rooms, near public transportation, and cozy feel inside; this has all of that and we’ll make it more cozy when we move in.

The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and the architectural style is Moderne, which I’m excited about because it includes long horizontal rectangles.

Mail: The mailing address and internet at the NW Sixth Ave location will be active until the last day of February. We’ll put a mail forwarding sign on our mailbox, and members should internet the post office with your business name to forward mail to the SE Division or SW Morrison location.

We’ll take all the furniture and equipment and lights and art with us, move out a lot of the furniture and art that’s there, and will sell some things we never use. Here are some photos.

This is the main area, some of us visited, and there were some headstands and handstands and also regular standing and sitting:





There are two skylights:



There are three conference rooms:




This is the kitchen, it’s bigger than ours and has a table, shelving not shown, dishwasher, etc, and phone calls are good there:



This is a sofa area for phone calls:


There are two restrooms, three stalls and a window in this one. There’s also a shower.


And there are lots of views: