Collective Agency Morrison

Collective Agency Morrison opened February 25th at 1410 SW Morrison, Suite 850, Portland, Oregon 97205 and we’re open for members. After five and a half years we moved from our NW location to here. Photos and info are below.

  • Members have access at both locations: Collective Agency Morrison and Collective Agency Division.
  • Each location is a self-governing community and people who sign up sooner will have the most influence over what it becomes.

We’re in the open floorplan area of the suite. Three doors go to conference rooms which are for us (they seat 2 to 14 people each), and other doors go to the shower and restrooms. There’s a sofa area for phone calls and a kitchen with a table for phone calls too. All the other doors go to private offices which aren’t us but have friendly neighbors.

The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and the architectural style is Moderne.


Above is our first day working here in the main area. Before we opened, it looked like this:


There are two big skylights with so much natural light. You can see the clouds move across the sky:



There are various sofa areas:


There are three conference rooms. Two are on the right of the back wall, and the biggest is the first door on the left from the entry lounge:



This is the entry lounge, phone calls and group meetings are good there:

entry lounge

This is the kitchen, it has a table for four, shelving not shown, dishwasher, etc, and phone calls are good there:



There are two restrooms, three stalls and a window in this one. There’s also a shower.


And there are lots of views:



This is the floorplan of our suite. Our areas are in dark yellow. The common areas are in light yellow: showers, restrooms, conference rooms: