Morrison (Members) FAQ

The Collective Agency Morrison location opened February 25th at 1410 SW Morrison, Suite 850, Portland Oregon 97205. It’s near Providence Park and downtown on the Red and Blue MAX lines, and is where our main membership location moved to after five and a half years.

The elevator to our floor is out of service until around April. Until then, take the elevator to the 4th floor and it’s a 32-foot walkup, it takes about 2 minutes from entering the building to reaching the suite.


  • Lots of 5-hour metered street parking and nearby parking lots (for weekdays check out 1602 SW Taylor and 1201 SW Yamhill), and free 2-hour parking north of Burnside.
  • Indoor bicycle parking in our suite, and also in a locked room off of the garage, members can ask for the code.
  • BikeTown racks nearby in all directions.


  • Google Maps has directions.
  • The 15 and 51 buses stop a minute away, the nearest Red and Blue lines stop 4 minutes away, and all MAX lines, the streetcar and many buses stop up to 10 minutes away. Collective Agency Division is 28 minutes from Collective Agency Morrison on the 15 and 4 bus (the bus stop at SW Salmon and 14th going south, and the bus stop at SE Division and 30th going west/downtown), 13 minutes by car, and 22 minutes by bicycle.


  • Conversations are great in the main area. 15 minutes to 3 hours per day of people talking total is common.
  • Up to 20 minutes of phone calls per person per day in the main area is fine in a normal conversational voice, as long as it’s within the Community Guidelines.
  • The three conference rooms, sofa entry lounge and the kitchen table are good for phone calls.
  • Each member gets up to 3 hours per day maximum in conference rooms total. You can walk in if it isn’t reserved on the calendar (you’ll get an emailed link to the calendar). Be sure to be out before the next meeting on the calendar starts and leave the room as clean or cleaner than you found it.


At Collective Agency Morrison we have coffee, and tea by the Art of Tea. The nearest cafes are:

  • will be updated!


  • Fred Meyer, 100 NW 20th Place. Phone: (503) 273-2004. 7am-11pm daily.
  • City Target, SW 10th and Alder.
  • Ace Hardware, NW Glisan and 15th.


  • Portland’s biggest block of food carts is nearby at SW 11th and Alder.
  • will be updated!


  • the Tiffany Center building has many events, including dance events: Ecstatic Dance is Sundays 1030am-1230pm, and others will be updated.
  • Portland Piano Store is on the ground floor of our building.
  • will be updated!

What else? Email suggestions to or call (503) 517-6900. Members can make suggestions on the Slack Channel, Google Group, in person, or on the spreadsheet or voting/suggestion form for the Morrison location.