Membership is for people who want to work alongside other people, and to be working in a place where you can have conversations, want to eat lunch together, and over time form friendships.

Members value productive work and inspiring and energizing conversations happening at their workplace. Participation by members is always optional; we each have individual goals! Friendships, learning, and in-depth open conversations with laughter make successful events and great days. Most of the time, people are productively working.

Memberships are great for getting out of the house to work among people doing a variety of work, having team and client meetings, collaboration and friendships. People here work on many things: front-end and back-end web development, software, writing, marketing, design, sales, management, non-profit consulting, public policy research, and on and on.

It’s important to members that we are all treated the same when we’re here, with the same access to everything. Everybody is worthy of being here.

All membership options include:

  • Cozy workplace that’s very open with lots of natural light.
  • Option to participate in or organize any community activities.
  • Conversations including phone calls in regular voices are great in the main loft room, the kitchen, and the entry lounge. Classical or jazz or other instrumental music without words plays during the workday.
  • 3 hours every day in many conference rooms for phone calls and meetings. Additionally, three visitor day-passes each month.
  • Host after-hours meetings in the loft room for up to 45 people with at least a week advance notice (there are events up to 5 weeknights per month total here).
  • Option to vote for council members and to be on the coordinating council.
  • 24/7 access during your days here each month.
  • Many large shared computer monitors. Can bring in and leave equipment for people to use when you’re not here.
  • Bicycle parking indoors.
  • New: Free car or motorcycle parking for members up to 3 days per month! and $75 for parking as-many-days-as-you-want per month is half a block away. Good while you’re here each day plus 2 hours before and/or after.
  • One of the fastest internet connections in Portland.
  • Coffee, tea, espresso machine, bubbly water, full kitchen except oven.
  • We are independent, yet members have access to a global coworking network with over 150,000 members and 450 locations.

We have a variety of payment options.

Try us out for a day, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

$30, credited to your membership if you sign up that day. Just come by, or:

Membership (days per month):

Days per month:6 days per monthAs many days as you wantWith a reserved desk
Paid monthly:
Yearly prepaid:

Membership as-many-days-as-you-want also includes:

  • Storage (locker or file cabinet).
  • Mailing address (directly to your name at 322 NW Sixth Ave, Suite 200, Portland Oregon 97209).

Membership with a reserved desk also includes:

  • A reserved desk and chair, and the ability to set up permanent equipment just for you. (Marked with a “Reserved desk for:” sign.)

Members want income to not be a reason why someone can’t be here. We also want people to value being here. For people who know they’re earning less than $20,000 personal income per year (total, from all sources), it’s half the membership rate.

Everyone here acknowledges the Community Guidelines are the core of the terms of service.


See the Photos and Amenities pages for more info. Your payment supports what happens here. For an overview, view the homepage.

What else?

  • Memberships are available.
  • First and last month are required for all monthly options.
  • Membership billing is on the same date month-to-month or year-to-year.
  • To get 20% off your first month when you pay for membership, tell us the name of the person who referred you, and they’ll get the same amount too.

For more details please see the terms of service.

Come and work here!

Community Mission Statement: A cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!

322 NW Sixth Ave, Suite 200, Portland Oregon 97209
(503) 517-6900
Try Us Out Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Members and Rentals have 24/7 access