Community Mission Statement:

A cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!

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"These are rules we made up to govern ourselves."

Updated and agreed:


These are rules we made up to govern ourselves. We expect to change/amend these rules to reflect our changing needs.


1. Coordinating Council members.
2. Main Community Organizer.
3. —
4. Hosting.
5. Terms of Service.
6. Members.
7. Member vote, and other mechanisms for redress.

1. Coordinating Council members.

For questions about coordinating “Collective Agency” overall: Be asked for advice on what you’re comfortable with and what you think is a good idea. Be a leader on discussing expectations. Have a key and be able to host when you want to within reasonable guidelines.

2. Main Community Organizer.

As the main Community Organizer for “Collective Agency” overall, be the main:


3. —

4. Hosting

“Host” means: anyone having people over. You agree to:

The kinds of hosting are:

5. Terms of Service

The implicit agreement for anyone here or involved in any way, is to act within the Terms of Service.

Have interactions that are “conversations” where you are open to learning new things and/or changing your perspective. Act in ways that you think are supportive of “Collective Agency” members as individuals and overall.

Decisions are based on precedent, as real and specific questions or issues arise, made here by active members within their defined areas.

6. Members

Members can accept contributions or sponsorship as an individual or entity that is “part of” or “of” “Collective Agency”, but the contributions must go to you as an individual or entity, and be fully shared, transparent and accountable to other members, by reporting to the Coordinating Council members.

You agree that “Collective Agency” is an organization, an unincorporated association, but is not an “entity” (although entities are involved in various legal “layers”). “Collective Agency” is an address name, and a group name. “Collective Agency” cannot “do” anything, cannot hold any assets, and cannot make any decisions or agreements; only individuals can (or as defined by U.S. law, entities can be said to) do things. Each person is fully responsible for their own actions.

You agree to intend to represent the group, overall or in part, the concepts or the actual persons, and your relationships with each and with all, in ways that are supportive and considerate, with integrity, as you define those words.

7. Member vote, and other mechanisms for redress

A. For Constitution and/or Terms of Service changes only, the proposal, debate, and vote need to be passed by 2/3rds majority vote by the Council, and 2/3rds majority vote by members who come to the weekly democratic meetings. Meetings are:

where every member can vote at only one of the meetings.

There will be an independent moderator/chair for each meeting. Provide a meeting agenda with proposed items at least 2 full business days in advance (by 4:30pm Thursday for a Monday Council meeting, and by 3:30pm Friday for a Tuesday 3:30pm Civics meeting).

B. Members can vote to override decisions of Coordinating Council members, by the main Community Organizer, and/or vote to make new decisions, through a “member vote”.

The “override”, like all other “Collective Agency” policies, will only be a statement of an expectation, and it will be up to each individual to decide on his or her own what to do. This is a voluntary association.

All members will act within the limits of the Coordinating Council overall… or as they think is best.