Event Rentals: Loft

Collective Agency rents for events.

In Loft, Collective Agency rents for up to 125 people seated with laptops at tables, at 322 NW Sixth Ave, our main location. Nowadays we keep the clusters of tables as shown in most of the photos and add chairs and amenities. It is designed to work for groups of all sizes, for parties (lots of floor space and tables for catering), presentations, workshops, hackathons and other groups (people seated at clusters of tables). Includes tables, chairs, projector and screen, flipcharts and easels, ethernet and wifi, and area for food and beverages.

Loft has a wall of windows with lots of natural light, skylights, brick walls with art, wood ceilings, heat and air conditioning with customizable room temperature. Includes access to the entry lounge, bike parking, two restrooms and a kitchen.


Loft set up with 50 chairs, projector, screen, flipchart, coffee and water.

Kaiser Community Benefit meeting: "Housing for Health" Grant Initiative https://share.kaiserpermanente.org/article/northwest-overview/

LETumEAT twitter photo of AgTechSV





The paintings shown above are by Maggie Wauklyn and Alex DeSpain in the Loft. The fourth photo of the Loft is via @LETumEAT from the AgTechSV event.