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A cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!

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For the past 3.5 years, Collective Agency has had around 50 members and room to grow. There are various staff- and member-initiated activities/events: optional member meetings on the first Wednesday of each month from 2-2:30pm, lunch most weekdays at 12pm, happy hours, people sharing what they're working on and getting input and support, and conversations often, and productive work especially. This is our blog for members to write updates and share pictures. (Click the blog titles to see pictures and the full post.)

Collective Agency co-working celebrates 4 years: this Tuesday July 21st open house

Collective Agency co-working in Portland Oregon turns 4 years old this month! This coming Tuesday July 21st is the open house from 9am to 5pm. Lunch is at 12pm (bring your own), drinks are at 4pm (we’ll provide). The disco ball might turn on for a bit. There will be cupcakes. We’ll be open to the public for the workday. For people interested in membership, … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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Newsletter: Collective Agency memberships for 2015

The other night there was an impromptu happy hour here – I’m grateful for and very happy about the people who are members here, for the conversations, the laughter, the appreciative inquiries. I love that Collective Agency has so many people who are self-motivated, choose the work they do, like working in a big shared … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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Newsletter: Collective Agency fall update

 PORTLAND PHILOSOPHY: My favorite event in Portland is the Chapman Swifts each September: thousands of birds fly into a chimney, watched by hundreds of people. When the light gets low, there are patterns of tiny dots in the sky, swirling around.The Swifts are one of the Collective Agency yearly events: we’re one of many groups … Read More

By Mary Harding,

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Newsletter: Collective Agency spring update

Hi Collective Agency extended community, On April 17th at noon our rates for future members will go up, to $325/month for a membership with open seating, and to $475/month for a membership with a reserved desk. The reason why is brand perception and to sign up more members. What else? ***Rates stay the same for current members.*** … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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Newsletter. Election results: Savoring the Transition

Newsletter signup I’m excited that Fitz Ryland, who helped start “Collective Agency” as one of the first Coordinating Council members, and who has assisted me as staff for the past year, was elected by members to be the next Main Community Organizer. Fitz has one of the best understandings of representative democracy, of relationships among people, … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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DeskMag Coworking Tour

Share This: First and foremost, I’m excited to announce that Collective Agency has grown to 53 members! We recently welcomed fifteen Mozilla employees into our space, four of whom have been members for months. This makes us Mozilla’s official Portland location – quite a feat for a space that has yet to see its first … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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Press Release: November Elections at Portland’s “Collective Agency”

October 19th, 2011 – Old Town, Portland, Oregon: “Collective Agency” is growing fast, and Alex Linsker, Summer Abbott and Fitz Ryland are asking for 2 more people to step up and lead with them on the Coordinating Council. There will be elections. “Collective Agency” is a supportive and nurturing workplace in Portland’s Old Town for … Read More

By Fitz Ryland,

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