Big Loft Room: Workshops & Events

The big loft room/big event room is rented weekends (Fridays after 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday anytime) for meetings, workshops and events of up to 125 people, for private and public rentals.

Diverse events have included:  Sarah Horowitz of Freelancers Union, Portland Development Corporation, various conferences such as CITCON and ZeroMQ, World Domination Summit, various Meetup groups, Gaming for Social Good, Random Hacks of Kindness, and many more. We’ve had literally hundreds of meetings and events here in the past few years since we opened, including in that time more tech-related events than any other venue in Portland.

The room has 4 standard configurations for events (classroom style, auditorium style, group style, and party mingling style), as shown below.

Auditorium style. People seated in chairs facing forward to a speaker with projector, screen, whiteboard.


Classroom style. Desks and chairs in rows facing the projector and screen. “Hackathon style” with clusters of tables and people working in chairs around each table is similar:

Group style. People seated around a large table, with a table off to the side for food.

Party mingling style. Open floorplan with clusters of tables against the walls, and chairs or no chairs, and sofas:

Other photos from events: