Amenities and Floorplan

  • Big windows, lots of natural light, brick walls, wood ceilings, skylights
  • Fast and reliable internet access (wifi and ethernet available), one of the fastest in Portland
  • Conference rooms:
    • Members have three hours total per day in our many conference rooms, for phone calls and meetings.
    • Paid meetings by non-members: Conference rooms are available for rent any time for up to 14 people.
  • Projectors and screens
  • Whiteboards
  • Printers, copier, scanner, fax
  • Let us know if you’ll want:
    • Polycomm phone for conference calls
    • Flipcharts, markers, easels
    • Wireless and wired mic and speaker, or laptop speaker
    • Red curtains on freestanding stands, up to 37 feet across by up to 9 feet tall
  • Many computer monitors and standing desks, along with office supplies, cables and adapters
  • Heat and air conditioning, with custom temperature for each conference room
  • Elevator access
  • 6,000 square feet, including:
    • a loft with skylights
    • four private conference rooms
    • two small private meeting rooms
    • an entry lounge
    • kitchen (everything except a full-size oven)
    • restrooms
    • Opening a second membership location November 1st at SE Division with showers, courtyard and outdoor seating
  • Food and drink:
    • Coffee, tea by The Art of Tea, and bubbly, filtered and regular water for members.
    • Any caterer for meetings (tea here is available upon request for meetings at no charge, let us know if you’ll want it, and coffee is available for meetings at $19.50 per 12 cups, or you can bring your own. Up to 4 cups of coffee per meeting in our kitchen is no charge. Water is set up for every meeting.)
    • Potluck/community-style food for members
  • Herman Miller chairs, and regular desks, standing desks and sofas

See Portland FAQ for directions and recommended parking, cafes, caterers, hotels.

Collective Agency Floorplan:

Event rentals: The main location shown above is 5,000 square feet. The Loft is the area in red on the floorplan.

Meeting and event rentals by non-members are only at our NW location.

The Division location is 1,000 square feet. For the Division location floorplan, see the bottom of the page at