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A cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!

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Posts From July 2012

Collective Agency has many members and growing. There are various staff- and member-initiated activities/events: optional half-hour member meetings, Wednesdays 2pm Lightning Talks for 2 to 8 minute TED-like Talks by members, lunch weekdays at 12pm, happy hours, open houses, and conversations often (but mostly people are productive working). This is our blog for members to write updates and share pictures. (Click the blog titles to see pictures and the full post.)

Civics Meeting Agenda July 17, 2012

Out of respect for all of your time we will be keeping this meeting to 30 min. as decided last week. 1. Welcome Roles? Timekeeper, Note Taker, Chair What is something you were appreciative of in the last week? 2. Reports Weekly Update – This will be the first of a scheduled weekly update of … Read More

By Resh Inanna,

Categories: Weekly Monday Council, Weekly Tuesday 3:30pm Civics

Membership Drive Update 1

We have started the membership drive! Our first meeting was hugely productive, establishing many of our initial priorities and objectives. Some simple and some quite complex. Thank you Tom Boeker and Molly Danielson for your help in getting the ideas flowing in our initial meeting. Our first two immediately actionable tasks resulting from our first … Read More

By Fitz Ryland,

Categories: Coworking

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