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A cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!

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Posts From January 2012

For the past 3.5 years, Collective Agency has had around 50 members and room to grow. There are various staff- and member-initiated activities/events: optional member meetings on the first Wednesday of each month from 2-2:30pm, lunch most weekdays at 12pm, happy hours, people sharing what they're working on and getting input and support, and conversations often, and productive work especially. This is our blog for members to write updates and share pictures. (Click the blog titles to see pictures and the full post.)

Jobs Board

We’ve been getting more and more job requests, by non-members and by members. For many jobs where the person looking to hire knows the description, rate, and timeline, I’ve been reaching out to people in the Collective Agency network, and referring them to the person looking to hire, or they refer people they know with … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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People @ Collective Agency

Greetings to all people @ Collective Agency, I am freshly new to the place, and very happy to be here to socialize along with practicing my future career skills in advertising and marketing. It is totally interesting to know the fact that people here at Collective Agency are very diverse in their interests; from neuroscience … Read More

By yenle,

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Policy Update

We were free of charge. But as we’ve grown from tens of people to hundreds of people regularly here, more than 1/3rd of people who wanted to pay, weren’t paying, because there was no need. Our rates are way less than what similar places charge. This has been the conversation with people here in the … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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“Last week I discovered a new ‘collective workspace’ in Portland…”

Thanks to Kelly Ripley Feller for writing about “Collective Agency” on the Citrix blog: An excerpt: “I’m grateful I am able to modify my work schedule so I can ensure the burgeoning mind of my elementary school-aged son gets fed something more nutritious than sugar cereal and that he makes it to school with … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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First survey: 16 out of 39 people want to become paid members this month

Lessons from the first survey: People here want to be involved. 16 out of 39 people who are not currently paid members want to become paid members and are ready to start this month. Out of an email mailing list of 360 people (hundreds more on Facebook and Twitter who haven’t yet received this), 39 people filled … Read More

By Alex Linsker,

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The 3 best ways to support

Thanks to Collective Agency supporters: 5 contributions totaling $700 in past 4 days, from $50 to $300. $9,300 to go. See the three best ways to support:

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